Alcohol poisoning symptoms

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Alcohol poisoning symptoms

A person suffers from alcohol poisoning after consuming large amount of alcohol over a short period. The human body usually process and remove alcohol and other toxic wastes from the body but when large amount of alcohol is consumed within an hour, then one is said to have more amount of alcohol, in their bloodstream, than the body can handle. That may lead to alcohol poisoning symptoms. The term binge drinking is use to refer to cases where a person consumes several units of alcohol, in quick succession, with the intention of getting high or deriving any type of satisfaction.

Before going deep into what you can easily find in the medical books, let's do a layman experiment to try to give a sneak peep as to why alcohol poisoning could stop one from breathing, make them choke, induce vomiting, and possibly stop the heart from beating and other dangerous alcohol poisoning symptoms. When you immerse a piece of beef in a jar with whisky in it and allow for 30 minutes, remove the flesh, and place it on a flat plate, the result will surprise you. The beef will turn into something liken to cooked flesh.

That’s what alcohol tries to do to your body. But the kidneys and the liver counter that effect by diluting and removing the alcohol from your system. The job of the liver is to neutralize toxins and drugs while the functions of the kidneys are to remove toxic wastes, including alcohol, from the bloodstream. In order words, the kidneys remove waste products from the blood and regulate fluid level. Without these two organs, consuming alcohol could be tantamount to soaking the entire human body in swimming pool filled with whisky.

Whenever alcohol poisoning occurs, we traditionally give black coffee, which of course makes the patient sick. That in no way is nothing near a solution. In fact, that is adding salt to injury.

Common alcohol poisoning symptoms

Common symptoms of alcohol poisoning include confusion. This occurs when the patient, down with alcohol poisoning, is confused and talkative. Other signs include loss of coordination, which is why driving under the influence of alcohol is unlawful. Vomiting and even seizures are also common. Breathing could be irregular and the skin turns pale. Many people, not all, become unconscious under alcohol poisoning. Others could be conscious but not responsive. Alcohol poisoning symptoms could differ from one person to another.

Danger signs alcohol poisoning

Dangerous alcohol poisoning symptoms to look out for include seizures, which could be due to lowered blood sugar levels, heart attack, breathing difficulty, hypothermia, choking on their vomit, and fatal lung damage caused by inhaled vomit. In extreme cases, there could be brain damage caused by severe dehydration.

It is important to look out for friends who are showing alcohol poisoning symptoms because they are not, in any way, in a position to take care of themselves.

Things to do to help a friend that is suffering from acute alcohol poisoning symptoms:

The things you should not do even though you have seen other people doing them:

If the person is conscious, call 800-222-1222 (in the U.S.), and you'll automatically be routed to your local poison control center.

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